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Hit play to see the finished bike in her natural habitat.

It comes as no surprise that Enfields are in abundance here. In the 1950s the Indian government ordered 800 Bullets to patrol the countries border. The UK based Redditch company partnered with Madras Motors in India to form ‘Enfield India’ and started to assemble the 350cc Bullets under license. By 1963, all components were made in India and since then, millions of Enfields have been pumped out of the factories meaning the Rag & Bone guys are sitting on a gold mine of unique bikes, parts and skilled Enfield savvy mechanics.

Each ‘season’ they give birth to another bike and in their own slow but steady pace, they have created a fleet of beautiful, immaculate motorcycles. The guys work with traditional craftsmen and local family businesses to fabricate custom parts you won’t find anywhere else in the world. As the labour cost a fraction as it would in the UK, they get to really indulge in the details and the end result are these exotic motorcycles that are a product of their unique environment and heritage. Built to last on the crappy, rough Indian roads, the bikes are strong, usually caked in dust and ooze of Goan spirit and character. Each motorcycle a manifestation of uncomprimised patience, passion, talent and sheer quality that only comes with TIME. 


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The irony being of course, these 2 English guys escape the rat race every year only work their arses off ten times harder, working longer hours, in dirtier conditions and with health and safety standards that wouldn’t pass in India let alone the EU. But I guess its easy to work your ass off when you love what you’re doing and your intentions are authentic. 

After a hard days graft, the sun lowers below the palm trees over the sea and like clock work the boys sack it off, ditch the tools and stroll down through Paul’s tropical garden, through a rusty gate and down a dusty path that leads to Vagator Beach. They jump in and swim in the golden reflections of the Arabian Ocean, washing off a days sweat, grease and blood, before grabbing an ice cold £1 beer with their friends, smoking some of Nepal’s finest and watching on content as the sun sets over another productive day in paradise. 

Time, well, spent.  

Riding vibes (VIDEO)