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There is a certain radiance bestowed upon a person who’s forged their own path through life. An aura of contentmentthat comes from finding your own place in this world through intention, critical thinking and exploration. You sense from the spark in Paul Smith’s eyes that he’s on the right path and is exactly where he is supposed to be. 

He first drove from the UK to Goa in the 90s, fell in love with the place, secured himself a beach front property, made this place home, raised a family and is currently in the sweet process of living happily ever after. 

The other half of Rag and Bones customs is Stuart Cantellowe, who lives 50 yards up the road (in a sweet £150 a month bungalow).  Stu is a proper, warm dudes dude! A washed up Harrow shredder from the Death Skateboards family.  He’s generous and will bend over backwards to help out his visiting mates get on the road. With skateboarding taking a backseat, Stu now pours his heart and soul into these old Enfield’s and the two of them form a kind of eccentric, sunburnt, passionate, Step Toe and Son’esq bromance in paradise.

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