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Rag & Bone Customs is essentially a cunning life hack.  Stu and Paul spend their summers working their asses off and saving as much Pound Sterling as possible and when UK winter arrives, they beeline to Goa, India. The second they land in India, their savings are effectively quadrupled as Pounds grow into Rupees, the same money that would have lasted 2 damp months in the UK now affords them 6 months of the good life in India. For £150 a month you can rent yourself a sweet 2 bedroom bungalow, beers cost £1, a meal cost £2, Royal Enfield’s cost £5 a day to rent, you get the picture... 

This cheap way of life is complemented with a kind of majestic, hedonistic vibe that has pulled free spirits to Goa since the first bus load of hippies rolled up at Anjuna Beach in the 70s blasting Pink Floyd to the stars,  tripping balls on LSD and having group sex on the beach.   Although Goa has become much more developed than back in those  hey days, theres still something in the air out there. A tangible sense of freedom. It feels like you can be who ever you want to be. You can do what ever you want to do. Cheaply. 

Whilst most tourists use the favourable exchange rate to get fucked up or to mooch around in fancy Yoga retreats, Paul and Stu roll up their sleeves and get to work utilising their hard earned time to create beautiful custom Royal Enfield motorcycles in Paul Smiths sweltering hot garage just yards away from the balmy Arabian Sea.


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