All connected by a common element within bicycle culture, A bunch of friends, motivated by good times, and the thrill of adventure, teamed up with London based filmmaker Fraser Byrne, resulting in this tiny film, titled "Beat Ass: On the road with the Lords of Fun".

The moniker is nothing more than a tongue and cheek proclamation of sorts, an excuse to invite a bunch of friends from far reaching corners of the earth, and all walks of life, to get together for a good time. It's unaffiliated, unfunded, unsolicited, and somewhat unintentional, it's just a reason to get together and get some kicks.

We loosely planned a trip to the coast From Richmond Va, to the Outer Banks, using the FBM bikes Tour bus, a dozen or so motorbikes, and all of our gear, (sleeping bags, bikes, skateboards, fireworks, etc...) Our goal was to hit up a bunch of skateparks, campsites, a dirt dragstrip, and what have you, for a long weekend. We ended up getting trapped in a tidewater suburban nightmare, under the veil of a tropical storm warning, roads were flooded, rain and winds all but made moto travel impossible, the drags got cancelled, and well you get the idea... We still managed to make tuna fish out of tuna shit, just nothing like we initially pictured as we rolled out of town for our first hundred or so miles...

For a few days, as silly as it was, our own shared absurdity, was our only reality.
Having fun is an essential part of having a good time.

- Steve Crandall